Plz excuse my grammar, spelling and mechanical errors as this is NOT ur average blog, Shit I’ont’eeeem know what I’m really doing here myself except Finally allowing the REAL & CAGED ME OUT. So with that in mind sometimes it may seem like I jump all over the place but Sit dwn, grab a glass of wine/beer/whiskey, water, relax ya mind and let my stories take u on the journey with me.  I spk English, millennial & trap fluently, frequently type in abbreviations & emojis; all while being a Degree-d up, BeeeeeeMetilful

( Yasssssss its Mine & copywritten😉😉)

Black Queen ready to explore her deepest, longed, hidden desires.
I’m an almost 50 yr old Goddess with thee most conscious, deliberate and willful level of self-awareness! Almost as if my most high had been preparing me for the next chapter of my story, my WHOLE LIFE( Duh)…..
Next up: Why a Throuple Tho Sis?

Toys Anyone?

So its not bad enuff that I’m wide awake on a free weekend and horny as a toad but that im up experiencing withdrawal symptoms takes the cake. Sooooo, I had been increasing my social networking of late and who did I come across a month ago but the Queen I thought was 2 be my soul mate of course😂😂!! Anywhoo, as Queen and I began this masterful, meticulous art of foreplay; I began 2 fall deeper under her spell. Every moment we ceated and explored was priceless in of itself but more so in retrospect bcuz I never anticipated our ending so soon. Queens and I experienced a connection most only dream of and many can not even begin 2 fathom. We emitted a heat between us that was as much a gift as a curse. See after our escapades, hours later, my body would still need recovery.  Yet, every second of those hours,  I also spent lamenting and fantasizing until our next encounter.  Fast fwd this morning, ohhh the interlude was pre-planned with mad meticulous, detail like the inner thoughts of a scorned women. So I’m was waiting for Queen patiently, while playing “Catch & Release” & watchin pornhub.

(allowing the climax 2 build while masterbating and stopping b4 u cum &  repeating for and hour or until u BUST😚)

Anyways, I begin to realize I’ve been masterbating since 8 am and its now 9  WTF is Queen and why was she taking so long to join me. As soon as Queen arrives she instantly starts flickering my clit as only momma can. My my my, each stroke of my hood sent shockwaves thru my CNS and I damn near exploded from the friction, heat and that lil bit of good pain!! Just as I’m imagining riding the prettiest 10 inch curved cock, reverse cowgirl style and covering each inch with my W.A.P, while Queen licks, bites and sucks my pussy. But not today, no, today Queen has ignited all engines and then simply left the room at the height of “baby right there, just a lil but more”. I had a fuckin conniption, jumped up wondering what was goin on. I felt like a high school boy, “baby don’t leave me like that”. During my meltdown it was obvious Queen was gone, no warning or nothing and then I saw it; Queens charging cord looked as if it was chewed on and F.U.B.A.R. I immiJEEately started begging, bargaining etc (stages of grief/loss) bcuz its 9 am on a Fuckin Sunday and nothings open but my legs and drippin pussy,  which decided to take leave wit Queen without leaving me an orgasm…….Toys anyone??

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